Until last week, we had gone a whole several months, some weeks and possible a few days as well without posting anything on the blog.  Even by our, well my, standards, that’s pretty useless.  Of course in defence I could say brewing beer has got in the way, and of course that has to come first, but patently that would still be a lame excuse.  So instead I will claim that I was busy as (ex) President Hosni Mubarrak’s PR consultant.

A lot has happened since the August 2010 waffling, so here is a brief snapshot of what has happened since then:

Beer, Beer, Night Out, More Beer, Moan, More Moan, Badger In Cherry Tree, Rust vs Mercedes, Mercedes vs Garage, Garage vs Mercedes, Common Sense vs Merecedes, Hello Ben, More Beer, Badger Moved To Different Tree, Nearly Shop, Nearly Pub, Badger Leaves Tree, Nearly Pub, Hello Graham, Mercedes Starts Without Assitance For First Time Since Cretaceous Period, Badger Proved To Be Leaf After All, And Finally, More Beer.

So as you can see, you’ve not missed too much.  But at least we haven’t upset any Mexicans.  Well, not yet…